10 Tips to Safe Purchasing Gold Bullion Online

Purchasing Gold Bullion1. Search Online for Dealers in Precious Metals Market

The first step in purchasing gold bullion online safely and without risks is to do an online search for precious metals dealers. The top rated search results are usually well known dealers who have served many satisfied customers.

2. Look at Each Dealer Website Closely

When looking for online companies for your gold investing, always visit their website. The website will tell you a lot about the company, and their success or failure.

3. Contact Each Gold Dealer Directly

When you buy gold bullion online, call any possible company before you make a final decision. This will let you know what kind of customer service you will get as a customer, and help you eliminate prospects that do not offer this. Remember that purchasing gold bullion is not an easy decision.

4. Eliminate Anyone Without an Excellent Reputation

Check out the reputation of the online company before placing an order. Be wary of dealers who offer to eliminate capital gains tax on gold, or otherwise act in a shady or unethical manner. If you buy on EBay, watch out for detailed feedback. Make certain your seller has extensive positive feedback history.

5. Look at The Length of Time in The Industry

With the high spot price of gold today, many scammers have come into the precious metals industry. Look at the length of company history available, and be wary of new companies that are beginners in the market.

6. Avoid Small or Unknown Companies

When you are buying gold bullion, avoid small or unknown companies. Often these dealers are not ethical or have started the company just to cash in on the current astronomical prices.

7. Look at The Available Customer Feedback

Customer feedback can be a big indicator of good or bad aspects. The bullion market has spawned many scam artists, and the customer feedback can help you avoid these companies.

8. Run a Web Search on Gold Bullion Dealers

If you will be purchasing gold bullion bars or purchasing gold coins, type in a prospective dealer company in the search bar, and examine the results closely. Often these results will show unhappy customers or complaints if the company is unethical or dishonest in any way.

9. Look for Reviews on Investment Forums

Investment forums can be very beneficial when purchasing gold bullion. These forums are full of investors with feedback on gold dealers, both good and bad.

10. Start Small

Start small when placing your first order. Limit this order to a 1 oz gold bullion size or smaller. This helps limit your possible losses.