5 Best Gold Coin Dealers in Atlanta Metro Area

Gold Coin Dealers in AtlantaMost gold coins are either inherited or bought as part of a collection and a large amount of investors tend to hold on to gold coins as a hedge against inflation. As of July 2012, gold bullion including coinage is selling for almost $1500 versus the $300 selling price in 2001. Today there are gold coin dealers in Atlanta that specialize in appraisal and the purchase of inherited gold coin collections.

1. Gold coin dealers in Atlanta must include Jackson Larry Numismatics Inc. This establishment has been in business for over thirty years and is Atlanta’s top endpoint for buying and selling gold coins. Their inventory changes constantly and prices for purchase are the best in the metro Atlanta area.

2. Hancock & Harwell purchase, appraise and sell collections of United States gold and specifically gold coins. This company works with investors to develop high value collections of coins specifically minted at the Charlotte, North Carolina and Dahlonega, Georgia mints. Hancock & Harwell will also buy and sell gold bullion. They are affiliated with gold exchange houses across the United States.

3. ATL Gold Buyers have been in business for over thirty years and buys and sells gold in their original location. Top prices are paid for gold coins and precious metals and assayers educate customers on how to buy gold.

4. Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers is a gold coin dealer in Atlanta that offers competitive rates both in Atlanta and nationwide. To determine the best prices gold coin dealers assess the rarity of the coin as well as the condition and the combination of precious metals in the coin.

5. For reliable gold exchange rates it is highly suggested that those in Atlanta use the services of Auston Gold and Silver Coin Exchange. They purchase entire coin collections as well as provide services for bank appraisals. As a side note, Auston Gold offers to drive you to the bank when carrying large sums of money or precious metals.

Gold in an investment of significance that can last for many hundreds of years and the value does not greatly diminish. Buying and holding gold coins and bullion is a very popular way to advance a financial portfolio. You do have many choices when purchasing gold coins and the wisest course of action would be to look for reputable gold coin dealers in Atlanta if you are in the area. Many dealers work with Confederate coinage that does have a high collection value.