5 Factors that Affect Gold Maple Leaf Price

Gold Maple Leaf PriceCanadian Maple Leaf coins are the official bullion coins minted by the Royal Canadian Mint. Its 24 karat purity, immaculate quality and design make it one of the most popular buys for investors and collectors alike. Below we have listed 5 factors that determine the value of these coins.

1. Current Market Price of Gold

The current market price of gold is another factor in the gold Maple Leaf price. Because the gold bullion price today is very high, the price of a gold maple leaf coin is also higher than it was in the past. If the market price goes down, the price of the coin will also be lowered.

2. Specific Size and Weight of The Coin

One factor in the gold Maple Leaf price is the size and weight of the coin you are selling. Canadian gold bullion coins can be found in one ounce and fractional ounce sizes, and the heavier the coin the more it is worth when sold. A one ounce coin will have a price that is much higher than a one half ounce coin.

3. Supply and Demand

Supply and demand is one factor in the gold Maple Leaf price, just like it is with American Eagle gold coins and other varieties. When the demand for these coins are high you will see a higher price, and when demand is low the prices will come down as well.

4. Coin Age and Rarity

The specific gold Maple Leaf price you will get for your coin will vary. The specific age of your gold bullion coin, as well as how rare it is, are one factor that will affect the price you get. One version, which was only minted in 1999, is very rare and very valuable because it was only minted for a short time so there are few available.

5. Condition of The Coin

The condition of your gold Maple Leaf coins is one factor that has a big impact on the return you will get. The value will take into consideration any damage, scratches, nicks, dents, and other issues that keep it from being considered mint condition. And because they are minted from the purest form of gold, these problems are quite common among them. Handling your coins gently and preferably with gloved hands will ensure mint condition of your valued investment.