5 Reasons to Buy Henry VIII Coin as Gold Investment

Henry VIII CoinThere are three types of coin enthusiasts out there: folks who buy coins for their rarity factors (numismatists), individuals who believe that rare coins are over priced and purchase exclusively bullion options (investors) and then there are people stuck in between with firm beliefs that you can invest in both, history and the value of the precious metal. If you ask an experienced gold investor whether you should invest in Henry VIII coins, he will give you a definite “no” but that does not mean that it’s a “one fits all” scenario. Though these coins are definitely categorized as rare collectible coins, individuals seeking an added investment value can look into 2009 proof Henry VIII gold coins struck in 22 karat purity in limited quantities weighing at 1.25 oz each. These can provide a solid investment along with a historical factor added to potentially grow in value over the years.

1. Gold Will Probably Continue To Increase In Value

One of the best benefits of owning a Henry VIII coin is that the value of this investment will probably continue to increase. British gold coins are a popular choice with investors from America and other countries, and these coins are in high demand at a time when gold prices are high, making them a terrific investment for most people.

2. Recognized By Investors Everywhere

If you are going to invest in gold coins, you will want ones that are easily recognizable by investors. This is the case with a Henry VIII coin, because the popularity of this investment option makes these coins well known. This is also true with other British Crown coins as well.

3. Liquid Investment Choice

If you are looking for gold coins that make an excellent and liquid investment choice then the Henry VIII coin may be the right choice for you. With some of the old British coins finding a buyer right away can be difficult, but with the Henry VIII you can find a buyer online in almost no time at all.

4. Gold Bullion Offers Lower Risks And More Stability

For most gold investors, the amount of bullion in the Henry VIII coin is the big draw. This coin has standard weights and sizes, just like Sovereign gold coins, and you will have fewer risks and more price stability when you choose coins available in standard sizes.

5. The Political Situation In Britain Is Favorable To Gold Investors

A big advantage that these coins have over the ones offered by some other countries is the stable political climate. Many investors have moved away from Krugerrand gold coins for sale because of the political unrest in many parts of Africa. This is not a problem when you choose gold coins offered by Britain.