7 Facts About 1 Oz Gold Bar!

1 Oz Gold BarKnowing the important facts about gold bars will help you make an educated decision about this form of investing in the value of precious metals. Throughout many centuries bullion bars were considered a choice to build wealth for countries and corporations. Now you can build up your own precious metals portfolio using these particular investment mechanisms.

1. When you buy 1 oz gold bar, it can vary in purity and contain additional alloy metals but no matter whether they are 22 or 24 karat composition, they will always contain precisely one troy ounce of pure gold. All of these bars can be purchased in many weights ranging from a fraction of an ounce to a well known Toi bullion bar weighing in at 250 kilos. However, despite of these variations one ounce gold bullion weight size is the most popular choice for investors. Anything larger will be harder to sell when needed.

2. If you are going to purchase gold bullion, you will want to buy in 1 oz gold bar sizes if possible, or even higher. Coins and bars with less than a one troy ounce weight will usually have a higher premium, and cost more as a result. If you buy several bars, many dealers will offer higher discounts for your purchase.

3. When it comes to knowing which bullion bars to buy, there are some very popular choices that you just can’t go wrong with. PAMP Suisse, Credit Suisse and Perth Mint are the top choices for any beginner or savvy investor.

4. Buying a 1 oz gold bar which you can hold may have benefits that other forms of precious metals investing does not. A gold ETF can be a valuable investment in gold, but it does not offer the same benefits of actually having the physical metal for security. Even if you buy bullion coins like 1 oz gold Krugerrands, you will still not be able to receive the top value over cost ratio.

5. Investing in this particular type of bullion has additional benefits in the form of low dealer premiums. In fact, buying bullion bars is the most cost effective way of investing into the value of precious metals.

6. In the last ten years the cost of 1 oz gold bar has gone up substantially, and this metal has hit record prices recently at more than eleven hundred dollars an ounce. This makes it a fantastic investment.

7. Buying 1 oz gold bullion bars allow you to have inflation resistant investment that can be easily hidden in case it is ever needed. You can store them in a secure location that is easy for you to access. The shape of the bars make them ideal to be stacked in a briefcase or a safety deposit box at your local bank.