7 Reasons Why to Pick Only Gold Proof Coins

Gold Proof CoinsA gold proof coin is a coin that has been subject to a special striking, polishing and dyeing method producing a coin with superior finish and two tone appearance. Such coins cost more than standard uncirculated varieties due to extra efforts that go into making these superior products. Let’s take a look at the reasons why you should only pick them for your investment portfolio or numismatic collection.

1. Never Introduced Into Circulation

Gold proof coins have never been circulated, and this means that they are more valuable. Circulated grades become damaged and worn over time, but this does not happen with proofs, and these are kept in mint condition to preserve their value and keep them in ideal shape.

2. Excellent Condition

Unlike many older rare gold coins, when you buy the proofs you know that they are in excellent condition, with no defects or flaws to lower the value of the investment. Some older coins may be damaged or have visible marks and scratches, but this is not the case with the proof versions.

3. High Quality Control During Production

When gold proof coins are minted very close attention is paid to the quality and every single detail of the design. This superior quality control ensures that gold proof versions are the best quality possible for investors and collectors.

4. Limited Editions And Amounts

Gold proofs can be found from any country, but they are produced in limited quantities. This is true whether you choose proofs of Russian gold coins, Gold Maple Leaf coins, or others. The limited amounts increase the demand because the supply is smaller.

5. Can Have More Value Than Uncirculated Coins

If you are looking to invest in gold, then gold proof coins may offer you more value for your investment capital. These coins usually increase in value over time much faster than other variations which have been circulated or are in poorer condition.

6. Protected From Any Damage With Packaging

All gold proof coins come with protective packaging, to prevent any damage or wear on the coin and keep it in perfect mint condition. This packaging will help preserve the value of your investment while you hold and store it. Gold is not a hard metal, and a high purity content means damage can occur much faster and easier without this packaging.

7. Flawless And Considered The Top Standard For A Gold Coins Investment

The gold proof coins are flawless, and the minting process ensures this. These coins are a gold 9999 purity level in most cases, making them just as desirable as investment quality bullion coins but with a better return potential in many cases.