American Eagle Silver Bullion – Is It Better Than a Gold One?

American Eagle Silver BullionWhich is better for investors, the American Eagle silver bullion coin or the American Eagle gold coins? The answer to this question will depend on many different variables. Your personal preference and investing budget will both play a role, because silver costs much less than gold bullion per ounce, and is preferred by some investors due to higher industrial demand of silver than that of gold’s. If your investment capital is not enough to cover gold at more than 1600 dollars per troy ounce currently (January 2013), the American Eagle silver bullion is just as good for less money. Silver follows the precious metals market just like gold, and the market price will rise and fall along with the other precious metals most of the time.

Silver bullion coins can be a great investment, just like gold, platinum, and the other precious metals. If you are going to do any gold or silver investing then you want to make sure the coins you invest in are well known and recognized everywhere. When you purchase the American Eagle silver bullion coin, this is exactly what you will get. This is also true of the gold version of this coin as well though, because both types are very popular with investors because of their many benefits and very few drawbacks.

You will find the American Eagle silver bullion coin at a price that is much easier to pay no matter what your investment budget is. With the gold Eagle coin, the cost of the coin is too high for many investors and budgets, but this does not mean these individuals can not take advantage of the popularity of coins and the high demand for all precious metals right now. In these situations the American Eagle silver bullion coin is usually a better choice, but either version is an excellent choice for almost any investor.

For individuals trying to buy physical bullion in fear of the worst economic outcome, or as we call them “doomsday preppers”, Silver Eagles could be a far wiser choice because of the smaller value of the coins which will be more practical as means of payment for survival necessities. You certainly wouldn’t want to be paying for a loaf of bread with a gold coin or bar.

It’s perhaps impossible to give a definitive answer on whether an investor should prefer silver over gold or vice versa, since we all have different investment goals and strategies in mind. What might be right for one, might be unwise for the other. Therefore, it’s fair to say that both bullion coins have the right to be included in your precious metals portfolio to create a solid hedge against devaluing dollar and to take advantage of both metals’ investment benefits.