Best Gold Bullion Prices – 7 Tips For Novice Investor!

Best Gold Bullion PricesDue to soaring high historical gold prices, more and more novice investors are switching their investment allocations from the stock market into buying physical gold that can provide them with a safe hedge against inflation. According to major market analysts’ gold price prediction, the spot price of gold has not reached its absolute maximum and will continue climbing up presenting investors with great gold buying opportunities.

Are you a novice gold investor looking to educate yourself on how to find the best gold bullion prices? Below we present 7 tips on helping you along on the journey of physical gold investing.

1. In order to maximize your gold bullion investment potential, stay away from highly popular gold bullion for sale products like American Gold Eagle, Chinese Panda and Australian Gold Kangaroo that tend to have really high dealer premiums attached to them. Instead, choose less popular but nonetheless great investment choices like Mexican Gold Libertads, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf and South African Krugerrands. When searching for best gold bullion prices, look for low premium gold bullion coins.

2. Compare gold value over the cost of purchase ratio to determine the best gold bullion prices out there.

3. Do not get excited by high gold bullion prices today thinking that they will keep climbing up. In addition, do not start buying gold bullion coins for the wrong reasons only because everybody else is buying. Do the math and compare!

4. If you want to find the best gold bullion prices, look beyond gold bullion coins and consider buying gold bullion bars instead. Generally, the bars are the most cost savvy decision – they come with lower dealer premiums and lower manufacturing costs.

5. Consider buying wholesale gold bullion products that will allow you to considerably save on the total value of gold content and dealer premiums. Search for wholesale gold bullion dealers and get ready to buy no less than their purchasing limits to qualify for wholesale pricing.

6. To get the best gold bullion prices and top notch products, buy exclusively from reputable gold bullion dealers like Bullion Direct, APMEX, Monex and many more.

7. On your journey to find the best gold bullion prices, by all means stay away from rare gold coins, especially if you are a novice gold investor. The market of rare gold coins is very volatile, coins value is hard to assess and determine whether it’s a good buy or simply a rip off. Stick to well known gold bullion coins that come with low premium costs.