Buying Physical Gold in Canada – What Are My Options?

Buying Physical Gold in CanadaWhen it comes to buying physical gold in Canada, your options are limitless. The hardest thing is deciding what products to choose when buying gold bullion coins or bars. It’s important to remember that you are buying physical gold purely for its gold content. Sure, one coin might look more beautiful than the other and might be more popular resulting in higher premium fees, but, ultimately, your decision about buying physical gold in Canada should not be based on what’s prettier. In fact, to build a solid gold bullion portfolio, you are better off buying gold bullion bars opposed to coins since they come at a better gold value to cost of purchase ratio due to considerably lower dealer premium fees. And, finally, gold buyers should stay away from buying rare historical coins or gold jewelry as an investment due to unnecessary extra charges that are built in the price like rarity factors, jewelry design and manufacturing costs.

Customers buying physical gold in Canada can purchase gold bullion products from gold bullion dealers or from a variety of reputable places like Canadian Royal Mint, Border Gold and Bullion Cons & Bars, just to mention a few good ones. Most Canadian gold bullion places will not ship across the border to avoid incurring additional customs clearance charges, so make sure you buy from a reputable place located within Canada.

When buying physical gold in Canada, your sky is the limit as to a variety of different coins like famous Canadian Maple Leaf, American Gold Eagle, Chinese Panda, Australia Gold Kangaroo, South African Krugerrands and many more. As to gold bullion bars, customers in Canada can choose from bars ranging from one ounce to 400 ounces, including gold trade bars and gold wafers. Shop around and compare prices against the current market price of gold to find a place that sells gold bullion products for a lower premium fee.