First Spouse Gold Coins – Where Gold Investment Meets Gold History!

First Spouse Gold CoinsFirst Spouse gold coins were first created in 2007, and these coins will be introduced at a rate of between four and five versions each year until all of the presidential time periods have been covered. These coins are produced using one half an ounce of gold bullion, and they are fast becoming a popular item with investors for a number of reasons. All of the editions are struck from the purest form of gold, 24 karat and hold exactly 1/2 ounce of pure metal. Special care needs to be taken to preserve the original grade of the coin because of the soft nature of the pure metal.

The First Spouse gold coins honor important women who have helped support the American leaders as spouses, and they combine interesting American history with a fantastic investment opportunity. Each year until at least 2016 there will be new coins released in this series, and each will depict a different spouse and design elements. The obverse side feature an image of a First Lade with the back showing symbolism of her accomplishments and contributions.

Any gold coins investment will evaluate the potential for profit, but First Spouse gold coins offer a collector and historical value as well as the bullion price. Many investors have chosen these coins to keep and collect, even though they are investments, because of their fascinating detail and design. Each coin also displays certain events or causes that the first spouse was involved in, unlike Indian Head coins and other gold options. There are other American bullion, like the variety of American Eagle gold coins, which also make terrific investment choices, but they are not as interesting as the First Spouse series.

The First Spouse gold coins were first minted in 2007, and each coin has a legal tender currency value of ten dollars stamped on it. These coins are legal tender anywhere in the USA, but with the high price of gold and silver it would be foolish of investors to use these coins that way. American Eagle silver bullion and gold bullion coins are very popular, and they have been available for a number of years to investors. The First Spouse gold coins have the added appeal of their historical value and their interesting designs, making them a top choice for many.

Despite their initial investors’ and collectors’ interest these coins are quickly becoming unpopular due to high dealer mark ups associated with them. For an average 1/2 oz First Spouse coin investors should expect to pay anywhere from $950 to $1100, which is well over $120 over the spot price of gold (data as of Feb 2013).