Gold Bullion Sellers: Market Leaders vs. eBay Auctions Review

Gold Bullion SellersIf you are looking for gold bullion sellers, you may wonder which method is best: using a market leader or an eBay auction to make your purchase. Comparing these two methods is important, because if you are like most precious metal investors then you will want to get your gold at the lowest price possible without sacrificing any convenience or quality in the bargain. Whether you want to buy gold bullion bars or coins for their metal value, please see our unbiased comparisons below to help you make your selection.

Both of these options are actively used by precious metals investors and they have their beneficial sides and drawbacks. Let’s take a look at both side of the equation.

Gold bullion sellers who are market leaders have a solid history and years of experience in this industry, and have a well known and trusted reputation to protect. APMEX, Northwest Territorial Mint, Kitco and Bullion Direct are some of the top players on the precious metals bullion market. Their websites provide a plethora of resources to learn about their bullion products, they also track the spot prices frequently and in real time displayed on their homepages. Almost every single one of them provides 24/7 live online chat with experienced sellers in this field, so there’s no guessing of what you are getting. The downside of using well established gold bullion sellers is certainly their imposed bullion purchase limits. The average gold purchasing limit is normally 5 ounces, so if you take into consideration the current prices of precious metals, you will realize that’s quite an investment. Another point to consider is their premium fees that are pretty much set and there’s no negotiating. Gold bullion sellers, however, are an excellent source to use for inexperienced buyers who are not sure what products they are buying and who have no experience dealing with bullion products whatsover.

EBay is a great worldwide market place offering an array of products including bullion. You might initially think that if you purchase gold bullion on eBay, you do not know that much about the seller and have no idea what experience or history they have. Seller’s feedback history is a key to knowing whether you are dealing with a trustworthy seller or not. Checking these out is a must. There’s no doubt that some of the products auctioned by unscrupulous gold bullion sellers with no to limited feedback history involve incredibly high markups over the spot price of gold or even fake products as the worst case scenario. If you are looking for a gold dust seller you will normally be better off going to one of the leaders in this sector instead of buying at an auction through eBay. EBay might not be right for beginner buyers because some auctions offer very limited product information. This does not mean the auction site does not have some highly qualified gold buyers and sellers, just that there are more risks involved when you choose this method. Buy only from sellers with extensive positive feedback and you can land bullion at incredible prices!

Whether you want to buy or sell gold bullion, or both, you should use an online or physical dealer that is known and trusted. With the high market prices right now in gold and other precious metals there is an incentive for criminal gold bullion sellers to try and auction off fake or underweight bullion to unsuspecting buyers. Weighing in all of the pros and cons will help you make a decision which seller to use.