Gold Bullion Spot Price Chart

Gold Bullion Spot Price ChartGold bullion spot price chart reflects the current market price of gold on a given day shown in traditional troy ounces and kilos. A troy ounce of gold equals 31.1 grams that many novice gold investors find surprising. A troy ounce measuring system for precious metals is believed to be invented in France in a town of Troyes sometime in the middle ages. Ever since then gold price per ounce has been traditionally expressed specifically in troy system of measurements.

Checking gold bullion spot price chart is easy, arrange to have current gold charts e-mailed to your inbox or your cell phone to stay informed what the current gold open and close prices are. You can also customize gold bullion spot price chart to include your preferred currency, namely, USD, AUD, EUR, YEN, GBP or else. Many leading gold price analysts recommend you start studying gold price charts on a regular basis, this way you can start seeing patterns and similarities in the current price of gold in relation to major economic trends.

Gold bullion spot price chart is the foundation for gold bullion trading industry since the gold bullion prices are mainly comprised of 3 major factors, spot price of gold, bullion manufacturing costs and dealer premiums. Modern day investors have a plethora of gold bullion products to choose from ranging from small bars weighing in at a fraction of ounce to massive bars all the way up to 100 ounces of pure gold. The higher the weight of the gold bar, the cheaper the gold bullion cost is per ounce. Sometimes it does pay to buy gold bullion bars of heavier weights if you can afford them.

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