Gold Ingot Mold – Make Your Own Gold Bullion!

Gold Ingot MoldAre you an avid gold prospector or simply a gold enthusiast looking for ways of using a gold ingot mold for making your own gold bullion? This article will provide basic information on gold ingot molds.

Gold ingot molds allow you to melt gold at home and pour it into prepared molds to receive a “home made gold bar”. After it sets, you can take your gold ingots to a local gold bullion refinery where they will carefully test your gold bar and pay you cash. You can use dental gold, gold nuggets or unwanted gold jewelry. Exercise caution when dealing with liquid gold, always wear heat resistant gloves and safety goggles because gold metal melts at a temperature close to 2000F. You can let your mold cool at room temperature or place it in a bucket with cold water that will cool it faster.

It’s important to understand that if you are using placer gold in form of gold nuggets and gold dust to melt into a gold bar, your gold ingot will never be pure due to high content of alloy components like silver or copper resulting in lower gold ingot value.

EBay is the best place to find gold ingot molds for sale at low prices. Ingot molds come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Graphite molds are preferred since they provide very smooth and attractive finish to your gold bars. Some manufacturers recommend you carefully preheat gold ingot molds before you pour liquid gold to create a better final product.

Adjustable gold ingot mold plates are also used by jewelers for turning scrap gold into thin gold bars. Depending on the purpose of using gold bars they utilize ingot molds of various sizes, shapes and constructions.

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