Gold Investment in India – World’s Largest Gold Market!

Gold Investment in IndiaAlmost seven billion dollars were spent on gold in India in the first three months of 2010, making gold bullion market in India the biggest market found anywhere on the planet. A gold investment in India is an investment into the largest gold bullion market in the entire world. This may seem ironic since this country has a significant ratio of the population in the state below poverty level, but strong cultural traditions and influences make this precious metal an integral part of major festivals, weddings, celebrations and rituals. Moreover, gold is a symbol of prosperity, wealth and success in modern Indian society. Therefore, the country recognizes the potential of gold as an investment option preferred to stock market anytime of the day.

Not many know, that until the 1990’s, Indians preferred investing in precious metals by buying gold jewelry despite its huge mark ups compared to the actual value of the metal it contains. This has, however, changed; many Indians now prefer gold coins and bars to jewelry due to superior cost to value ratio on these bullion products.

Gold investment in India has surpassed even that of China, which dropped to the second largest market status. This is an increase of ten times what was spent in this same period a single year ago. Many individuals in India recognize that investing in gold is a sound strategy that does not involve high risks, so even those with lower incomes invest what they can. That is one reason why gold investment in India has skyrocketed in the last year.

There are many ways to make a gold investment in India, and this can include bullion, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and others. Another option is a gold investment company located in India, or one that invests in the country. You will need to determine the investment types you are looking for, and then evaluate each of the choices available. Every investor has different goals and strategies, and not all of these investment choices will be a good fit.

Any gold investment advice you receive should include many different factors. If you are considering a gold investment in India, make sure you understand exactly how these investments work, and what risks are involved for the investor. Also check out factors affecting current gold price in India. India has the world’s largest gold market, but this does not mean there are no risks involved in some gold investment types. Examine each investment option carefully, regardless of the country involved, and this will help you be more successful when trading on any market.