Gold Mexican Coins – Are They Worth Investing In?

Gold Mexican CoinsAre gold Mexican coins worth investing money in? The answer is a big yes for most investors, because of all the benefits that these gold bullion coins offer. There is a large variety and plenty of choice with these options, and often the price you pay will be less than an equivalent weight in the form of American Eagle gold coins, because the dealer mark ups and charges are significantly lower. If you are investing in precious metals then a gold coin is the same regardless of where the coin is minted. One ounce of this metal is worth the same no matter where it comes from.

One favorite of investors is the 50 pesos gold coin, created for the centennial anniversary of Mexico’ s independence from the country of Spain. Although this is one of the gold Mexican coins that was only minted for s couple of decades, they are still popular with investors today because of their unique weight and attractive look. There are also more modern gold Mexican coins for investors to pick from, as well as silver versions like Mexican Libertads. Gold coins are a great investment for many individuals regardless of what nation the coin comes from. Australia, China, Mexico, Canada, and other countries offer gold coins which appeal to investors, and they are all worth a second look and usually an investment as well.

Another type of gold Mexican coins are the Mexican gold Centenario, which are also prized by a number of investors and precious metals experts. When it comes to Mexican Centenarios’ specifications, they are slightly larger than standard one ounce size bullions and contain 1.2057 troy ounces of gold. One of the biggest benefits in Mexican gold coin investments is that the coins will normally have a lower price. Gold Mexican coins can be found for a lower markup normally, and this means that investors who choose these options will usually get better returns and make more of a profit when the coins are sold.

Mexican bullion coins are definitely worth adding to your portfolio because they combine beautiful design, superior minting technology and, most importantly, low premium costs allowing investors to maximize their cost to value ratio.

However, it’s worth learning that Mexican bullion is not on the approved list for your IRA investment and you will have to look for alternative coins for these purposes.