Gold Rate in Dubai – 7 Secrets To Find A Better Rate Per Gram!

Gold Rate in DubaiDubai, vibrant economy and business center of United Arab Emirates had always been the center of gold trading since the 19th century, especially with the establishment of famous Gold Souk market that is considered one of the major gold markets in the entire world. Historical gold prices in Dubai and free gold trade market environment have always been attractive for jewelry and bullion buyers from all over the world.

Spot price of gold in Dubai is established in the national currency of UAE Dirham (AED) twice per day according to international rates of gold and currency exchange rates by Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange. Gold rate in Dubai is also categorized by gold’s purity, namely 22 or 24 karat composition in troy ounces. To determine a gold rate in Dubai per gram daily, refer to the following website that offers regularly updated information on gold rate in Dubai.

Below we present 7 secrets on finding the best rate of exchange for gold in Dubai:

1. Visit the Gold Souk market in Dubai where you can choose from over 300 gold jewelers who offer exquisite products at very competitive prices. Also, there’s no sales tax on buying gold in Dubai, so you can get yourself some nice pieces for almost 50% cheaper than in the Western countries.

2. You simply must haggle in Dubai to get the best gold rate in Dubai, given there are plenty of retailers to choose from.

3. Shop around Dubai gold markets so you can get a feel for available gold pieces and average asking prices. As a rule, you should not buy at the first store you set you foot in.

4. Take care to find out the current gold rate in Dubai on a given day. Most jewelry retailers will list daily gold rate in grams for 22 and 24 karat gold. This will help you assess whether a certain piece of jewelry is truly worth its asking price. You should also take into account craftsmanship value that should still be realistic.

5. If you have always dreamt of a unique piece of gold jewelry like a special necklace, pendant or a ring, Dubai is the place for ordering custom made jewelry with the best gold rates. Bring in a picture or your personal drawing to order and allow from a couple of days to a week depending on the difficulty level of your design.

6. Come late in the day to the Souk Market in Dubai around 10:30 pm, some jewelry shoppers swear to get their best deal at the end of the shopping day in Dubai.

7. Paying in cash is perhaps the best advice one can give to get the best gold rate in Dubai today. You are more likely to get a discount if you pay in dollars or in the local currency compared to credit cards.

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