I Am Ready To Purchase Gold Bullion Coins – Where To Start?

Purchase Gold Bullion CoinsYou have probably heard a million times in the recent months about the importance to purchase gold bullion coins to provide a safe hedge against hyperinflation. If you have carefully weighed in all pros and cons of gold bullion investing and looking to find trustworthy gold bullion dealers, this article will present America’s most popular places to purchase gold bullion coins and bars.

The first step is deciding what kind of gold coins for sale you are going to buy. They come in all shapes, sizes and geographic origins. Navigating in the world of gold bullion coins might seem confusing at first, but if you know which important factors to look for when you purchase gold bullion coins, it will soon become simple. The most important reason we purchase gold bullion coins is investing in the physical weight of the gold. It does not matter how pretty your gold bullion coins is, the most important factor is its weight and its price. Gold bullion coins prices include many factors, namely, gold content by weight, manufacturing costs and dealer premium charges.

Some more popular gold bullion coins will automatically come with higher premium mark ups because these coins are highly coveted among investors and collectors. The general rule is to stick to low premium gold bullion coins like South African Gold Krugerrands, Mexican Gold Libertads and Canadian Gold Maple Leaf. Some other coins like, for example, American Gold Eagles or Chinese Gold Pandas come with such high dealer mark ups that they almost take sense out of gold investing.

Since the goal for any gold investor to purchase gold bullion coins with the highest value to cost ratio, you might even be better off if you purchase gold bullion bars compared to coins. Gold bullion bars are cheaper to manufacture and dealer premiums are significantly lower.

When you decide to purchase gold bullion coins, consider the following bullion dealers like Bullion Direct, Blanchard Online, APMEX, Monex and Northwest Territorial Mint. All of these places offer competitive bullion prices and honest dealer practices.