Maple Leaf Gold Coins – What Is Special?

Maple Leaf Gold CoinsMaple Leaf Gold coins are a popular choice for investors who are in the market for gold bullion. But what makes them so special and sought after? There are a number of reasons why these are considered special and are highly desired by investors and collectors alike. These coins are well known as being struck from the highest possible purity form of gold, twenty four karat, which is highly acknowledged in the precious metal investing world.

Another benefit of Canadian Maple Leaf gold bullion coins is that they are considered legal tender, so there are usually no import taxes or extra fees that other gold options may carry. Maple Leaf Gold coins are available in five different sizes, minted by the Canadian government, so you have plenty of options concerning the amount you have to invest. One of the most important aspects of these coins is their recognition virtually all over the world, so in case you decide to sell them, you will have no problem finding a buyer. Not only these coins are highly valuable, their aesthetic qualities need to special introduction. Their beauty appeals to both investors and numismatists all over the world.

Maple Leaf coins can be found in one ounce, one half an ounce, one fourth of an ounce, one tenth of an ounce, and even one twentieth of an ounce. This gives you more flexibility than Krugerrand gold coins, because Krugerrands are not available in less than one tenth of an ounce. Most major precious metal dealers buy and sell these coins frequently.

The gold Maple Leaf price includes a premium, but this amount is small even for the fractional sizes of the coin. Maple Leaf Gold coins offer one of the least expensive ways to buy gold, because you will only pay a small premium over the value of the gold coins. This lets you slowly build up your investment portfolio if you need to, instead of having to buy large amounts all at once.

Maple Leaf Gold coins are very special because of all the options and benefits that they offer. There are other choices out there, like gold Krugerrands and American Eagle gold coins, but these options may be more limited in the size options available or may cost higher premiums over the value of the metal. That is why the Gold Maple Leaf is considered so special by investors.

If you are still looking for more special reasons to purchase these coins, wait no longer, they are ones of few coins out there approved for gold IRA investment accounts.