Perth Mint Gold Certificate Program

Perth MintPerth Mint Gold Certificate Program allows gold investors from all over the world the convenience of owning gold bullion without storage and safety concerns of holding physical gold. In order to participate in the Perth Mind Gold Certificate Program one must make an initial contribution of $ 10,000. After that, all subsequent purchases are set at a minimum of $5,000.

Upon the purchase of Perth Mint Gold Certificates you will be issued a Certificate or simply a piece of paper stating your legal ownership of allocated or unallocated gold bullions of your choice stored at secured storage vaults in Western Australia.Fortunately, you will not have to pay any sales tax on your gold certificate purchase. The Perth Mint Certificate program is guaranteed by the Government of Australia which makes it a very safe way of owning gold. By participating in this gold investment program you are avoiding many unnecessary costs of transportation and storage of physical gold. In addition, you choose which gold bars or coins you would like to store under your name.

These certificates are liquid so you can easily sell them to any approved gold dealers. Perth Mint Gold Certificates are also transferable and you can freely give them as gifts or pass them down to your heirs.

Perth Mint is not only an excellent place to consider for your next gold investment but to actually visit during your next family vacation. Here you can see some of the biggest Australian gold nuggets, tour Perth’s unique gold bullion and coin exhibition and even watch parts of gold refining process there.

Perth Mint is Australia’s finest gold refinery where Australian wholesale gold nuggets and scrap gold are refined to gold’s purest form and later used for producing gold bullion bars and coins. Here you can place an order for making your own special gold plated coin to commemorate a special milestone of your company by using Perth’s gold plating service.