Saint Gaudens Gold Coin – Bullion that You Should Own!

Saint Gaudens Gold CoinWhy is the Saint Gaudens gold coin so popular, and is this a gold bullion coin that you should own? Definitely. This is one of the most rare gold coins seen by many investors, and some versions can be worth an astounding price at auction if there are only a few of that type left. To understand why the Saint Gaudens gold coin is such a good investment you will need to understand the history behind these gold bullion coins, and what makes them so sought after. For many investors these coins can be a dream which may seem slim, but if you get a chance to purchase one at an affordable price you should grab it.

The Saint Gaudens gold coin is one of the most well known and recognized of any gold coins available today. They take their name after an American sculptor who created both obverse and reverse designs of the coins. It is not common to find these gold coins for sale often, and when they are available investors will grab them up quickly. Part of the reason for the value placed on these coins is because they were only produced from 1907 until 1933, so there are a limited number available around the world. The Saint Gaudens were minted from 22 karat gold composition and carry a denomination of $20 USD. Unlike the newer gold coin versions, like the First Spouse gold coins and other investment options in this area, most of the Saint Gaudens coins have been destroyed or damaged, and one in mint condition can bring in an amazing price at auction in some cases.

The Saint Gaudens gold coin is like the holy grail for both bullion and numismatic coin collectors, because this coin has both types of value. For many, the historical and rarity value of the coin may exceed the gold value, even at a time when this metal is selling for record prices. There are other popular options, like the American Eagles and the Indian Head coins, but these choices do not carry the same fascination or prestige. For most gold investors, owning the Saint Gaudens gold coin is comparable to a mountain climber reaching the top of Mount Everest, the fulfillment of a dream.

The Saint Gaudens design was so popular that it was later reused for the obverse of the American Gold Eagle bullions that have been struck since 1986.