Should I Invest in Gold Using SPDR Gold Trust?

SPDR Gold TrustSPDR gold trust (GLD) is one of the fastest growing gold investment companies that was originally introduced to the NYSE list of stocks in 2004. Now SPDR gold trust stocks are being actively traded at Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong Stock Exchanges. SPDR gold trust makes owning gold commodity easy and more accessible for investors who were previously fearful of making physical gold bullion investment due to safety and storage concerns. SPDR gold trust is the first American ETF backed up by physical gold assets.

SPDR gold trust is facing both praise and criticism as to its gold investment performance and overall company’s financial approach. When making a decision whether to invest in the SPDR gold trust, it’s wise to consider multiple opinions expressed by various financial analysts.

It’s important to realize that SPDR gold trust stocks are traded similarly to most stocks at major stocks exchanges and are prone to price fluctuations. The investment value of these stocks is directly correlated to the current market price of gold minus gold trust management fees. Buying into SPDR gold shares can not guarantee any financial gains just like with any stocks. You will be investing into gold shares at your own risk, thus it’s essential to set aside no more than 10% of the entire investment portfolio for gold shares in order to allocate major risks should the price of gold plummet.

Make sure to read all SPDR gold trust financial documents filed with SEC that could be located at their website to fully understand all financial risk disclosure statements.