Silver Bullion 100 oz – What Do Investors Like about It?

Silver Bullion 100 ozFor many investors, silver bullion 100 oz bars are the best possible choice when it comes to silver bullion for sale to investors. There are many reasons why the one hundred ounce bars are ideal, and preferred by large scale investors. They are a standard industrial bulk size, so there is no guesswork involved. Just like with an investment in quality gold bullion bars, the weight and purity is stamped right on the bar of silver.

Two of the available silver bullion 100 oz bars are those minted by Johnson Mathey and Engelhard. Both of these companies have a long history of integrity and top quality, and the very first producer of these bars was Engelhard in the early 1970s. The standard size makes it much easier to calculate the cost of the silver bullion bars, and they are easier to store and secure. The silver bullion 100 oz bar has made it much more convenient and safer for investors to buy silver in large quantities, without fear of a scam or fraud.

Both gold and silver investment opportunities are all over the place because the market price of these metals has gone sky high compared to historical prices. This has increased the demand for silver bullion 100 oz bars, because silver has many uses in the industrial sector including car manufacturing, medical industry as well as jewelry and other purposes, and the demand is continually increasing for this metal.

Investors like the silver bullion 100 oz bars because a large investment can be made in a single transaction, with a standard weight and price and a quality that is known and verified. For investors who do not have the capital to purchase one hundred ounces of this metal at once, there are 10 oz silver bullion bars as well. These bars typically carry very lower dealer premium costs, and may be ideal for investors who have smaller capital amounts to start with.

As you can see silver bars of 100 oz sizes is perhaps the most ideal way to invest in this precious metal. Lower premium mark ups of 1-3% over the spot price of the metal, popular designs, ease of storage and IRA acceptability speak for themselves. However, such large sized bars might not be right for every type of investor. Some investors or “doomsday preppers” might benefit from smaller sized bars ranging from 1-10 oz which could be easily traded for food, shelter and other basic survival necessities in case of worst case economic scenarios.