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Mexican Gold Bullion Coins Review

Mexican Gold Bullion CoinsMexican gold bullion coins distinctly stand out among other popular gold bullion coins due to their unique beauty and exceptional heavy weight compared to other gold bullion for sale coins. If you consider lower premium costs per spot price of gold for Mexican gold bullion coins

Mexican Gold Centenario – 5 Reasons Why You May Buy This Bullion Coin!

Mexican Gold CentenarioGold Centenario is the official bullion coin of Mexico that was first struck in 1921 to celebrate 100 years of Mexican Independence from Spain. These beautiful coins are struck with 90% gold and 10% copper alloy to make them super scratch resistant to preserve their appearance for years to come.

Mexican Libertads – Wise Choice for Bullion Investor!

Mexican LibertadsMexico has always produced the highest quantities of silver, more than any other country in the world. Additionally, there are many gold mines generously contributing to world’s precious metals production. Casa de Modena, one of the oldest minting facilities in the world, is located in Mexico. Today the National Mint of Mexico produces beautiful and highly acclaimed Mexican Libertads.

7 Interesting Facts to Know about Mexican Gold Pesos

Mexican Gold PesosOne of the most beautiful bullion coins in the world, Mexican pesos are manufactured from 90% gold to 10% copper alloy giving them superior scratch resistance and ability to preserve its original condition for longer. Historically low premiums for these coins are an added bonus for all investors seeking to purchase them.

1. Mexican gold pesos are not as popular as many other gold bullions minted in the US, Canada, China or Australia, but these can be a fantastic investment choice. Gold had been an important metal through Mexican history, dating back to Aztec civilizations, and that trend continues even today with coins that are struck at one of the oldest mints in South and North Americas.

2. Mexican gold pesos were not the first coins to be struck of gold. The very first Mexican gold bullion coins were called escudos, and included a variety of denominations. They were used until the mid eighteen hundreds, when they were replaced with the more modern bullion appeared instead.

3. The 50 pesos gold coin was created specifically to mark the anniversary of Mexico being independent of Spanish rule for a century. This coin is the most popular out of all the coins available from Mexico, although the Mexican Libertads also have followers of their own with certain investors.

4. Mexican gold pesos were only minted in the fifty peso version for a limited number of years. The minting of these specific gold pesos coins was started in the year 1821, and their production was stopped in 1947. This limited run also makes these coins a good investment choice for many, because the supply is lower than the demand.

5. It is possible to find Mexican gold pesos that range from one peso all the way up to one thousand pesos. The one thousand peso coin will weigh one ounce of gold, and lower denominations will have a fractional weight with the current coins. This is not always true with older coins though.

6. Some gold Mexican coins can be hundreds of years old, and these coins have a higher numismatic value than they do a value in gold. Some escudos can date back to the seventeenth century, and were hammered by hand during their creation.

7. For most investors, the modern Mexican pesos are the best deal. These coins can be found at low premiums, but the quality and quantity of the gold is known. These coins are considered attractive and appealing for collectors as well as investors.

Mexican Gold Coins – 5 Reasons Why They Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

Mexico is a country with one of the oldest Mints in South and North America. Mexico’s Gold Centenarios are one of the oldest bullion coins known to the investment community with added bonus of low dealer premiums. These coins are struck of 22K metal purity with 90% gold and 10% copper and are slightly larger than standard 1 troy ounce size bullion coins from other countries, weighing in at 1.2057 oz of pure gold.

Let’s take a look at the five reasons why you should not overlook them and possibly consider adding them to your investment portfolio.

1. Mexican gold coins can be a valuable investment opportunity for many individuals. Mexican gold bullion may be found for less, but without sacrificing any quality in the process. These coins are popular with investors from many countries, including America. If you are investing simply for the precious metals value then these coins can be an excellent choice to round out your investment portfolio or gold coin collections.

2. The gold pesos with a value of fifty contain more than one ounce of gold in some cases, and these are valued by investors. Some of these Mexican gold coins have a historic value as well as their gold value, if they were minted before a certain date. These coins have been minted for much longer than the newer China gold coins, and they are recognized in many places.

3. Mexican gold coins can provide an inflation hedge just as well as any other types of gold bullion coin. It is the amount of the bullion that counts for this purpose, not the government which minted the coins you invest in. One ounce of yellow precious metal in a coin from Mexico has the same value for inflation protection as one ounce in an American or Australian coin.

4. Although not as well known as Krugerrand gold coins, which are recognized anywhere and are considered one of the best choices for investors, Mexican gold coins also offer many of the same benefits. These coins have almost no drawbacks, and investors may prefer these choices because the demand is not as high, so the price does not become overly inflated.

5. Mexican gold coins can increase the investment choices that you have available to you. These coins can be combined with other, like Canadian gold coins and American choices, as well as other investments for an investment portfolio which is diverse and covers all angles.

Mexican Gold Bullion vs. American Gold Bullion

Mexican Gold BullionIf you are considering a gold bullion investment then you have many different options. These choices include bullion bars and coins minted in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, China and even Mexican gold bullion, but which of these options is a better one for most investors? There really is no correct answer, because each investor may have a different opinion and goals in mind.