Top 10 Gold Coin Dealers in Michigan

Gold Coin Dealers in MichiganGold in either coins or bars is gaining popularity as an investment tool. Investors buy gold as a security against economic crisis. However, gold coins act more as currency than a commodity and finding the best gold coin dealers in Michigan will give you the edge on buying, selling and trading.

1. Liberty Coin Service is advertised as Michigan’s largest buyer and seller of gold coins. This company also serves as a consultant and appraiser for the Michigan Attorney General’s office as well as auctioneers, and insurance companies.

2. Jade Rare Coin includes gold coins for sale that are certified and listed in the numismatic directory. Jades also appraises estate gold and provides platinum bullion coins, bars and rounds.

3. Abbott’s Corporation in known throughout North America as one of the most respected rare gold coin dealers in Michigan. Abbotts are known to help clients with diversification in investments and only recommend numismatic coins for collections and investment portfolios.

4. U.S. Coin Gallery is part of a consortium of gold coin dealers in Michigan who buy and sell gold and silver. They provide appraisals and are considered a number one certified coin dealer.

5. Paragon Numismatics are gold coin dealers that specialize in United States and foreign coin plus precious metals and scrap gold and jewelry. They serve the southeastern Wisconsin area and are reputed to be highly reliable.

6. Mandelo Coin & Currency Company is a member of ANA, MSNS, NAA, and CSNS. Mandelo is a gold coin dealer in Michigan that was established in 1985 and continues to appraise, sell and buy US and world coins and currencies.

7. Grosse Pointe, MI Coins or Coins & Stamps Inc. buys and sells paper money as well as gold coins. Touted as Michigan’s oldest coin shop this company also provides bank and private appraisals of gold coin collections.

8. Greater Milwaukee Coin is always looking to expand its inventory in gold coins and offers a gold exchange packet for appraisals and purchases.

9. Additional gold coin dealers in Michigan include Larry Dreher Numismatics, as well as WI Numismatics and Brighton Coin Dealers.

10. Coin dealers in Ohio begins with Coin Appraisal Services that provides purchases of entire coin collections as well as free grading seminars, advise on selling coins and auction representation services. Free appraisals and valuation of old gold coins is also a service.