Top 10 Numismatic Gold Coins

Numismatic Gold CoinsMany gold investing experts, gold coin dealers and professional numismatists tend to disagree what numismatic gold coins are truly defined as. Some believe that numismatic gold coins are coins that come with a premium of over 15% over their actual physical gold value; others consider numismatic gold coins to be any non-gold bullion coins. With such “loose definitions”, it might get quite confusing for novice investors or collectors to know which numismatic gold coins are truly worth that extra premium you are paying for them. Additionally, numismatic coins come with an added value of coin’s rarity, grade level, scarcity and overall popularity.

Below we present top 10 numismatic gold coins choices for your consideration. If you are a novice collector and it’s hard for you to assess old coins and their value it’s best to consult a reputable gold coin dealer or purchase online from well-known sources.

1. $20 Saint Gaudens Gold is perhaps the most coveted coin in any numismatic collection. Some collectors believe that due to its unsurpassed beauty and 90% gold purity it’s not only a fine collector’s piece but also a great investment.

2. $20 Liberty (Coronet) Gold coins are highly prized for their historical significance and limited quantities circulating among collectors. These come in several design types and with one ounce 22 karat specifications.

3. $10 Liberty Gold ½ ounce coin is another fine example of popular numismatic choice. Some specimens minted before the Civil War at the New Orleans Mint House are especially valued among collectors.

4. $5 Liberty Half Eagle Gold (1/4 oz, 22 karats) is another very highly coveted coins that was being minted during 1866-1908 across all of the seven National Mints in the US.

5. $10 Indian (1/2 oz, 22 karat) is an exquisite example of American pre-1933 coin minting industry. $10 Indian coins were first struck in 1907 and had more a pronounced 3-D effect compared to its later minted counterparts.

6. $5 Indian Gold (1/4 oz, 22 karat) is a smaller counterpart of the $10 Gold Indian with the design that was provided by American sculptor Bella Lyon Pratt. It’s also very highly rated among collectors due to its historical significance.

7. First Strike Gold American Buffalo (1 oz, 24 karat gold) was minted in 2006 but because it was the first American 24 K coin it’s highly coveted among numismatists. First Strike Gold American Buffallo coin is both a great collector’s and investor’s piece.

8. American Gold Eagle Proof coin (various sizes, 22 karat gold) is highly rated among coin collectors due to its superior mint quality, limited annual strikes and numismatic significance of being the official bullion coin of the American Nation.

9. Australian Gold Nugget Proof Edition minted at the famous Perth Mint located in Australia. This proof edition comes in various sizes ranging from tiny 1/10 oz coins to massive 1 kilo counterparts. Australian Gold Nugget Proofs are struck from 24 karat gold.

10. $3 Indian Princes is among very rare gold coins that any collector would dream of adding into their possession. This is also the one and only $3 American gold coin that weights approximately 5 grams and comes in 22 karat fineness.