Wholesale Gold Bullion Dealers Review

Wholesale Gold Bullion DealersIf you are pondering the answer to a question where to buy gold bullion at wholesale prices, we have an answer for you in this article. Smart gold bullion buyers view buying gold bullion bars or coins in bulk as a great gold investment strategy allowing them to capitalize on improved spot price of gold to physical gold weight ratio and gain more investment potential over time.

Not all gold bullion dealers are created equal, some might only specialize in retail gold bullion sales, while others create more wholesale friendly discounts. Almost all wholesale gold bullion dealers require for you to meet a minimum purchase that will enable you to qualify for wholesale prices. Average minimum purchases from wholesale gold bullion dealers are set at a minimum of 50oz of gold bullion bars or coins, or 1000 oz of silver bullions. Some wholesale gold bullion dealers set their purchase limits based on a dollar amount, no matter what their policies are, you should prepare to pay substantial amounts for your single wholesale purchase.

Most wholesale gold bullion dealers will not accept personal checks or credit card payments for their gold bullion for sale products due to high risk of default associated with these types of payment methods. The most preferred method of payment is a bank wire allowing wholesale gold bullion dealer to receive their money fast and ship your order within a few days.

In order for you to actually buy from wholesale gold bullion dealers, you need to call their customer service line so you can lock in your purchase price based on the current spot price of gold at the time of purchase. You next step is to arrange for a bank transfer and wait for your gold order in the mail.